Audio / Video

Below are audio tracks from my first two cds, Flight of Enchanment and Barefoot Dancer, as well as songs recorded with Space Medicine, a group that included me on hammered dulcimer, who's alter ego is also the drummer for Suddenly Sideways...Lee Stanford on cello, whose band Wayfarers All mixed it up with a fusion of jazz/funk/alt...and Melissa Hyman on cello, from too many bands and projects for anyone to keep up.  Just before our first official gig together at the Firestorm we added Donovan Punch, an amazing guitar player transplanted here from Louisianna,  and James ? an equally amazing hand percussionist from wherever his coat is hung.  Not sure where that is now.


Audio Downloads (MP3s)


Street performing, better known around here as busking, is experiencing Asheville in a truly remarkable light. Some of those moments were captured on video...including one of me playing in front of Malaprop's this past summer when The Mountain Xpress was featuring musicians from Asheville's busking community. There are clips from Ben's back porch at D Street Studios in Montford. And there is one that somebody posted from The Firestorm Cafe of a performance by Space Medicine.  Enjoy!